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Your body changes so that your breathing changes so that your speaking from “I”, and the whole sensory and emotional feeling are affected and changed.

You must have a big imagination and empathise with the character, use all your senses in the performance, and develop your physical senses to bring the best out of yourself.

My classes and lessons focus on scene studies using various scripts, giving each person plenty of time to read and act out the scripts.

Re-examine your vocalisation and pronunciation to speak clearly and ‘in the first person’ to avoid mannerisms or stereotypical characterisations.

Encourage a sense of impulse from the whole body, interact lively, and be able to practice on your own and feel confident while exercising your imagination.

There is also time for specialist instructors to offer each side coaching (advice and suggestions before and after the performance). I also share written notes and materials as appropriate so that each person can build on their strengths and reduce their difficulties.

Kaoru Kuwata-profile

Kaoru is an acting coach, movement teacher, and Alexander Technique teacher with over 1800 individuals in the past twenty years, including celebrities, actors, musicians, dancers, and opera singers. 

She is also a Movement Director and an IDC-certified Intimacy Director; with her extensive training since childhood, she graduated from Toho Gakuen Art College for Drama and Music, Goldsmiths College, University of London, and the Hampstead Centre for the Alexander Technique, certified by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. She translated and published F.M. Alexander’s ‘The Use of the Self’ by Banseishobo in 2010.

She is recognised for her dedication to professional development, as evidenced by her two certifications from the Japan Harassment Counsellor Association in 2022 as a Harassment Counselor/Advisor before becoming certified as an intimacy director by Intimacy Directors and Coordinators in the US.

Kaoru also made history as the first and only Asian student in the inaugural MA Movement Studies cohort at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, where she developed her expertise in Movement, Direction, and Pedagogy, expanding her passion for Actor’s process. Kaoru was teaching as the youngest tutor at Toho Gakuen College for Drama and Music and the National Theatre Drama Studio/Opera Studio while teaching in some other drama schools and theatre companies’ vocational courses. 

She has also provided private lessons and group classes in the Alexander Technique, Rudolf Laban’s method, and various acting techniques for over twenty years. 

She is also pursuing her career in Intimacy Directing and Movement Directing with like-minded professionals worldwide.

Classes and Lessons

This class is for those aiming for long-lasting success rather than temporary success, for those who want to achieve a long-lasting career rather than a stopgap.

Classes focus on practical acting exercises using excerpts from actual scripts and exercise classes to learn to use your body and voice professionally.

The scripts range from serious human dramas to comedies, modern classics, contemporary writings and film scripts. Scene excerpts are a few pages long and progress at a pace that allows you to go alongside the scene.

Actors, singers, narrators, dancers, directors and playwrights are welcome to perform in any genre. Students are also OK if they are already studying to become professionals. We focus on your future objectives rather than your previous experience.

Various introductory to professional levels to field-specific content are available. 

Please feel free to contact us for advice on preparing for auditions and competitions, preparing for auditions through recordings or in-person, and even some ‘troubleshooting’ during rehearsals or on the spot for shooting.

Theatre companies, corporate events and organisations

For over 20 years, I have been fortunate to have taught various techniques, acting methods, and expressions to actors, singers, dancers, and so-called entertainers, from the youngest to the most famous.

I have conducted workshops, seminars, and classes at theatre companies’ training schools, vocational drama schools, universities with practical skills courses, entertainment agencies, bilingual film school classes, and local theatres and public theatres and concerts.

Some of my clients( students) are also voice trainers, professional dancers, so-called ‘teachers’ of actors and singers, and some are already successful opera singers.

I was born and raised in Japan, but I have also had postgraduate and drama school education in Europe, as well as professional teaching and short-term study experience not only in the UK and the USA but also in Asian countries and even South America.

With a global perspective, I look forward to meeting like-minded professionals.

Organising workshops or choreographing scenes of Intimate Nature

What is essential in choreographing and supporting the direction of movement

Language and

Adapting to individual circumstances

To be practical and effective.

With these three mottos in mind, we design curricula for various classes and also offer lessons, seminars and workshops on request.

1. Verbalisation

We must respect and work with you, considering your circumstances and respecting your human rights and the scope of your duties.

Unfortunately, due to deadlines and physical restrictions, not everything always goes according to the ideal, but verbalising and putting things into words helps enormously.

Even if you know what you are talking about, the meaning/definition may differ, or because you are a stranger, there may be discrepancies in nuances and definitions.

2. Individual circumstances

Instead of just ‘importing’, how should we learn, what should we adopt, and what should we change, with my unique approach, which is based on my wide range of communicating with people from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, and environments, I hope that many people will be able to play an active role and use their areas of expertise.

3. Practical and Effective

No matter how excellent a method or approach is, the fact is that it is difficult to be convinced unless it is, for example, ‘visible’, ‘audible’ and ‘repeatable’. 

With the cooperation of professionals, I sincerely hope to contribute to a better working environment and create more unique and exciting productions in the world of performing arts and related entertainment, entertainment and amusement.

I am happy to discuss your requirements, including the number of people, location, budget and other circumstances. We also welcome online interviews, so please let us know, and we will respond sincerely.


Please let us know if you would like to invite a teacher, apply for private lessons or group classes, organise semi-private classes, or offer various types of coaching and training, mainly in Tokyo.

Please contact us if you would like to request us to provide lessons, seminars or workshops in the regions or abroad or to organise classes for companies, entertainment companies or other organisations.

We also offer advice on studying abroad, preparation for examinations, speech training in Japanese and English for companies and organisations, presentation direction and training using theatrical techniques.

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